WD’s 10,000RPM Thunderbolt VelociRaptor Is So Expensive You Get A Free Cable


It might not look it, but this thing is fast.



Wowsers! Western Digital’s Thunderbolt My Book VelociRaptor Duo is all about the big numbers. 10,000 RPM platters, 2TB storage, 10Gb/s transfer (in both directions) and – if you daisy-chain it with other Thunderbolt drives – you can RAID things up to make them even faster.

Heck, even the price is impressive: $860. Ouch!


To be fair, this is a drive for video pros who need to shift and stream huge, bandwidth-hungry movie files, and they won’t think twice about this price. On the positive side, WD will throw in a Thunderbolt cable with your purchase, saving you $50. And you can even pop the lid and swap in new platters when you wear these out, or bigger ones become available.

Want one? No, me either, but my external HD needs come down to backups, which isn’t exactly a demanding task. Available now.

Source: Western Digital