Ignore Unwanted Contacts With A Silent Ringtone [iOS Tips]



We all have that contact or three that just can’t seem to take a hint. They keep calling and calling, and we really just need to get our work done. If you use the audible ringer on your iPhone, there’s a way to ignore that caller (along with any other folks you’d like to selectively mute) with a silent ringtone.

First of all, you need to get a silent ringtone. You can grab one from Richard Miller, or you can make one on your own, using Quicktime on your Mac.

Launch Quicktime Player, then head to the File menu. Choose New Audio Recording and then slowly double click the red recording button. This will create a tiny little silent audio file. Export the audio to your Mac via the File menu, Export command, making sure you choose audio only from the popup menu at the bottom. Then, rename it in the Finder something like ‘Silence.m4r.’ You’ll need to tell your Mac that you do, in fact, want to make the name change, unless you’ve disabled that security feature.

Double click your file, now that it has the .m4r extension and it will open in iTunes. If you’re running the latest version of iTunes, you’ll find your silent file in the Tones section of iTunes in the left pane. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, and then sync the file over as you would any mp3 or ringtone file.

Now that the Silence ringtone is on your iPhone, tap on the Phone icon on your iPhone home screen, and select Contacts from the bar along the bottom. Find the contact you want to silence, and then tap Edit, then Ringtone. Select Silence, or whatever you named it, tap Save, and you’re good to go.

Now when that person calls, the ringtone will play. Except you won’t hear it. Problem solved! Unless, of course, you have vibration alerts on. In that case, it’ll still buzz buzz at you. Sorry.

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Source: OS X Daily