Why the New ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Doesn’t Prove Samsung Copied Apple [Opinion]



New evidence from inside Samsung appears to prove that Samsung copied Apple’s iPhone ideas and used them to design Samsung’s Android phones.

As damning as the “Relative Evaluation Report” appears to be, it does NOT constitute proof that Samsung copied Apple’s ideas or infringed on Apple’s patents, and for 3 reasons.

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  • snaab4

    What a pain in the butt it has been to try to read this post. First come tothis page, and then to the advertising overloaded Datamation site with the article split into two advertising-loaded pages. Phew. It’ll make me think twice before trying to read a Mike Elgan post again, no matter the quality of his post.

  • markrlangston

    The logic behind the argument that this document doesn’t make Samsung look like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar is ridiculous.

    Maybe Apple didn’t patent every single aspect of the phone but they did invent the style and the presentation. Before the iPhone nothing on the planet looked like this or was never presented in such a way as Apple had done it.

    Case in point: unless Marvel patented everything about Spiderman (the suit, the web shooters, sticking to walls, the snarky comments during battles, losing his uncle to a random shooting) then I could conceivably come with a new character called WebMan that has similar characteristics and be within my legal right to make toys, videogames, movies, bed sheets, etc based on my character and not be considered a copy-cat artist.

    The only way Samsung proves that this was nothing more than market research is to have at least one other document that compares the Galaxy against another phone interface or other Android overlay.

    Otherwise, this document should be enough for Apple to win the case.

  • assyrianpride

    Quit denying it. Samsung copied Apple.

  • wompwomp

    I like the article, Mike Elgan and Samsung! Go Samsung!

  • technochick

    Case in point: unless Marvel patented everything about Spiderman

    They didn’t. They don’t have a single patent on anything about Spiderman. But you still can’t wholesale copy it because they do have trademarks and copyright out the webslingers.

    As for Samsung, they are trying to argue that they came up with their designs all on their own. But this document shows that they had Apple on the brain during the design stages. So there goes there ‘all on our own’.

    And there are a handful of places where they basically say “Apple does X, We did Y. Action: do X”