Talk About AppleCare: Store Genius Rescues Kidnapped Woman



The Geniuses at your local Apple Store are used to dealing with a wide assortment of complaints and problems. Broken harddrive, cracked iPhone screen, kidnapped woman? They can handle it all.

A few nights ago a kidnapped woman from Kentucky was forced to walk into an Apple store with her kidnapper who was trying to force her to purchase a bunch of Apple products with her credit cards. But thanks to an alert Apple Store employee, the woman was rescued and her kidnapper is now in the slammer.

Police say that the woman met the man, who called himself “Greg,” when he tried to arrange a date with her. At the time of the meeting for the date, “Greg” showed up to her house and forced her into his vehicle at gunpoint. Holding the gun to her, he then forced her to drive to several stores to purchase cellphones in her own name with her money.

The couple eventually made it to an Apple Store in Louisville, where they tried to purchase some Apple products from one of the store employees.

At some point during the visit, the woman found a window of opportunity and was able to discreetely tell the store clerk that she needed help. Police say the clerk then quietly called store security, who then contacted Louisville Metro Police.

The police apprehended “Greg” – whose real name is actually Victor A. Sarver Jr – and charged him with kidnapping and robbery.

Who said those new Genius ads are silly? Maybe Apple Store employees really are superheroes.

Source: WDRB
Via: Matt Brian

  • Alfred2612


  • Th3_1d

    Apple should work this into an ad. A electronics store that WONT kidnap and rob you.

  • Sean Liu

    “Who said those new Genius ads are silly?” What does this have to do with the ads?

  • Aidan Taylor

    she was then constantly begged to buy a mac.

  • Jonathan Ober

    “Who said those new Genius ads are silly?” What does this have to do with the ads?

    The new ads make Geniuses out to be heroes for the people they help in them…just a way of tying in something current to something else that is news :P

  • JFKilshae

    she was then constantly begged to buy a mac.

    Yup, because that’s what happens in those empty stores Apple is famous for. You really hit that one on the head!

  • JaredABurnett

    Does anyone know the name of this employee? I go to this store often, and when i go tomorrow I would like to thank him for being a hero.