Finally, A Bike Mount For the Jambox



Ever since I got a Jambox speaker, I have been looking for a way to mount it on my bike for some in-ride tunes. And here, made in the good old U.S of A, is the Jambox Case, a little $25 accessory which will strap the portable speaker to just about anything, including a bike.

So why haven’t I bought one? Why don’t you just watch the video and see for yourself.

What’s that? you couldn’t even see the speaker or the case in the video? That’s exactly what I’m talking about, and the product photos don’t look any better.

From what I can make out in these images of a black item, in shadow, backlit by the bright background outside, the Jambox Case is a square tube with a mesh front and a pair of velcro straps dangling from one side. The speaker slides inside and the straps secure it to handlebars, top tubes, strollers or railings. I could even use it to stop it falling off the wall of my roof terrace.

It might be great. Or it might be some old plastic chopped out of a trash can and duct-taped to a velcro strip. Who can even know? My worry would be that anyone spending so little time on taking such bad photos (or so much time on hiding the product in such bad photos) may not be selling a very good product.

Still, the design reminded me that the Jambox comes with its own little close-fitting tubular case, and that a few slashed with an X-Acto knife coupled with the pair of Zefal velcro pump-straps I have somewhere in my bike’s handlebar bag will make me a great little DIY version.

Source: Jambox Case


  • gregspeck

    Use empty water bottle with top cut off. Flexible plastic would be great. For rainy days, some stretch wrap to seal. Put it in the bottle carrier on the bike. Sound would be directed up at the rider.

  • macberry

    Cant you have a headphone(s) so Everyone doesnt have to listen to your music? They might not want to! What happens when we all do this?

  • abrudtkuhl

    Here are some additional details on the Jambox Case…

    1) No we didn’t just pull shit out of a garbage can and strap it together. We partnered with CaseSimple, a maker of iPad and Kindle cases.
    2) The material is a upholstery-grade leather with a heavy duty nylon mesh around the speaker to allow sound to escape. The buttons are covered by a clear plastic so they can still be pressed when in use. And the straps are nylon with velcro so you can mount them to anything.

    Sorry for the lack of quality of images / videos. The images are shot on a trail and the video was shot in a garage with poor sound/lighting dangling from a ladder for a makeshift tripod. Sorry, we are bootstrappers making content with an iPhone. We are working on professional quality pictures but wanted something to show people in the meantime. We aren’t trying to hide anything. The product is awesome and everyone that has tried it loves it. And based on the amount of Pre-Orders we’ve had – the market loves it too.

    If you have any more questions, check out or email me directly at abrudtkuhl [at] gmail [dot] com

  • abrudtkuhl

    Here’s a clearer video of the product –

    And we’re actively uploading better product pictures to Flickr – – while we work on the new website.

  • abrudtkuhl

    Here’s a clearer video of the product –

    And we’re actively uploading better product pictures to Flickr – – while we work on the new website.