Update Contacts In Mountain Lion To Include Twitter Names With One Click [OS X Tips]



Adding Twitter information to your contacts has been a slow, manual, one-contact-at-a-time affair. If you wanted to get all your friends’ Twitter names into the Contacts App before OS X Mountain Lion, you’d need to open Contacts, edit each contact, and paste or type their info into their specific contact card. The length of time that would take, depending on the number of folks you know and/or follow on Twitter, kept most of us from even thinking about doing it.

However, with Mountain Lion, Apple and Twitter have made it a lot easier. Here’s how to add them all in one fell swoop.

First of all, set up your own Twitter account in System Preferences, which you can find in the Applications folder or in your Dock, if set up that way. Once launched, click on the Mail, Contacts, & Calendars preference pane. Enter your Twitter name, preceded byt the @ symbol, and your Twitter password. Click OK.

You’ll then see a button in the lower right that says, “Update Contacts…” Click it, then click OK when asked if you want to let Twitter update your contacts, then wait. A little progress circle will appear next to the status, “Updating Contacts,” and then it will tell you how many contacts it updated with Twitter info. When you’re ready to tweet them, from Contacts or Mail, for example, simply right click on their name and their Twitter name will now be an option.

As a bonus tip, drop into your Contacts app, right click on the name next to the Twitter title, and you’ll be able to send them a Twitter message or view their tweets. Your twitter app will launch and show you the latest from that contact’s account. Pretty cool, right?

Via: Wired