Soloshot, The Sports Camera Stand For Unpopular Athletes


Track your sports activities with the Soloshot camera


The Soloshot is not, as you might suspect, a wipe-clean target aimed at the adult video market. Instead, it is a motorized stand for a sports camera, although its target customer is likely the same lonely soul that would be interested in the (mythical) pop-shot tracking gadget I mentioned above.

The Soloshot is meant for shooting yourself as you do sports. This might at first be seen as an admission that you have no friends willing to point a video camera at you as you surf or run around a track in circles, but as we shall see it could be very useful.

The Soloshot mounts on a tripod and uses its motors to track and follow an armband, and by extension the person wearing that armband. It was invented to film surfers, but you can use it for pretty much anything.

The camera can turn at up to 40 degrees per second, fast enough to track cars, it can detect the armband at up to 2,000 feet, is waveproof and can last up to five hours on a single charge. The mounts and armbands are pair-able so multiple people can shoot simultaneously.

What could you use it for? You could park it on a dangerous corner during a car rally and film the cars without putting yourself in harm’s way (although you’ll need to pick a driver and convince him to wear the armband).

Or you could use it as a training aid: runners, long jumpers and any track and field athletes can track their training over and over without a camera operator getting bored and missing some important part.

And so on. This is a niche piece of gear, sure, but if we’ve learned one thing its that a great niche product beats out a crappy all-purpose gadget every time. The Soloshot can be had right now, for a rather reasonable $480.


Via: Photography Bay

Tracks at distances up to 2000 feet (half a kilometer).
The maximum pan speed is over 40 degrees per second.
The fastest object tested so far was a race car going 143 mph.
Batteries last 5+ hours.
A super bright tracking LED lets you know SOLOSHOT is pointing at you.
A security feature gives you an access point to lock your camera to the Base, and the tripod can be locked to stationary objects (the same as you would lock up a bicycle).
The pairing process allows multiple people to each use their own SOLOSHOT near each other. Each Base will only follow the Armband that it is paired to.

  • Martin Dobson

    Very interesting idea. I hope that these guys can somehow patent the idea or tech as an evolution of this technology could be implemented in to all types of sports. Imagine a football, puck, basketball, golf ball, etc adopting this tech to relieve camera men. Although, I’m sure that it has been done before, just not for the everyday consumer like Soloshot allows.

  • pcmedman

    Cool and innovative idea. I hope they do well with it. Even though you can lock it, I would still be nervous leaving it out somewhere unsupervised.