Martin Scorsese Stars In New Siri Ad [Video]



Following other recent celebrity Siri promos, film director Martin Scorsese has made his way into Apple’s latest TV spot. Scorsese is seen rapid-firing questions at Siri in a taxi cab, asking about appointments, the traffic, and where to find one of his friends.

This new ad follows much the same format of Apple’s other ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich, and the infamous Zooey Deschanel “Is that rain?” ad.

You can view the newest ad after the break.

Via: MacRumors 

  • marsk

    I do not see the need of hiring celebrities to play those ads, it feel like they are acting more than showing the real deal. Show the product with ordinary people seems more real to me.

  • joewaylo

    “I like you Siri. We’re going places.” lol
    @Marsk I agree. They should hire the off the street people to do it. I’d like to earn cold hard cash in DC doing the Siri commercial.

  • D. Scott

    I click on the Cult of Mac top page image and I get another image. I click on that and I get the original picture. I click on the 9-to-5 Mac top page image and I get the video I want to see. Which image should I click on next time? Just saying’ it seems obvious you should make it as easy as possible for users to see the videos being promoted…

  • jasenjones

    Love this add, It’s got to be the best one to date. “Is that Rick? where’s Rick……..No, It’s not Rick” it’s very well done.