Help This Mac 512 K Collector Decide What To Do With His Treasure


Sweet case. Sad cut-out.
Sweet case. Sad cut-out.

Over at the Macintosh 512K section of the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army forums, user macman142 posted a great find – the body of a Mac 512K ED that had been gutted to create a Macquarium. The reason he paid $65 for this remnant was, he wrote, because it came with the original mouse, the 128k/512k style keyboard, and an original keyboard cable – a pretty rare find, as he mentions in his post.

Unfortunately, along with being gutted, the case of the very retro Macintosh had the handle cut out of it, assumedly so the previous owner could manage the fish tank they had installed within. Now macman142 is looking for ideas about what to do with this treasure.

His thoughts about what to turn the Mac case into:

A. a letterbox
B. a plant pot or
C. back into a Macquarium…

Another forum member suggested maybe cutting out the handle from a (more common) Mac plus, and connecting it to this one to make it a more complete case. Other suggestions include MacTerrarium, a giant M&M or gum ball dispenser, or an extreme Mac Mini mod. My favorite? Forum member Bunsen suggests turning it into a speaker or guitar amp. Yes!

While these are all nice suggestions, surely Cult of Mac readers can come up with something more creative, right? What wild and crazy Mac mods have you see, or done yourself, even? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: 68K Macintosh Liberation Army

  • Homerberkowitz

    I’d keep the case and upgrade it with all new internals. Perhaps a super high res LCD screen, with modern ports out back such as an HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB, FireWire, and it looks like there’s a perfect spot for an SD card reader there too. I’d also get a retro Mac theme so you can make it look like an old computer OS if you want it to. And just for fun, I’d keep the old floppy in the front using a USB floppy drive hidden behind the plastic bay in the case.

    In the car world, we call it “restomodding

  • tcbunt

    I’d turn it into an iPad dockintosh! Do a search on youtube for it.

  • lwdesign1

    A Mac mini inside with a small LCD screen would make a nice conversation piece, or a setup for a connection to a large-screen TV and an Apple TV for video and music performance via a home sound/video system. Unfortunately, the cutout on the case really lowers the value as an antique. My first Mac was a very similar-looking Mac SE/30 connected to a B&W 19″ monitor (bitmapped B&W, not grayscale, by Radius). It originally had 1MB of RAM and a 40MB hard drive. I well remember the day I upgraded the RAM to 16MB and got an external 100MB hard drive, and thought I was living the highlife. I sold it to a kid looking to get started in computing and bought a Mac IIci, a wonderful compact device that I still have a soft spot for.

  • MrPeabody

    It makes me ill to look at it. The only redeeming quality in that case is the fact that the signatures of the original Mac team are still in there. And by the way, is “assumedly” a real word?

  • hanhothi

    Looks like a piece of junk to me. I would bin it!