Watch Stand-Up Comic Louis C.K. Be Hilarious About The iPhone & iCloud [Video]


It’s hard not to love Louis C.K. Behind his pale ginger flab and profanity-laced stand-up comedy is a guy with a heart of gold: a comic who knows how to temper his masturbation jokes with compassionate commentary on the family and American values. He’s an amazing guy. But he doesn’t have an iPhone.

On a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Louis C.K. explained why, saying that he got rid of his iPhone because he was too immersed in it. “It’s like having a pencil you can $@%!,” Louis C.K. told Kimmel, going on to jokingly express his concerns about geo-location and the Cloud, which he ultimately sees giving us all wafer thin devices that, apparently, will allow you to smear Tom Cruise all over your face.

Hilarious, but Louis C.K. always is. This is a comic at the top of his game. If you haven’t already, buy some tickets to see him on his next tour: he’s cutting out all the middlemen and selling them directly to fans, effectively doing his best to cut out the scalpers and the extortionists like Ticketmaster. This is a guy who deserves your money.

Source: FunkySpaceMonkey

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  • cpmorris0

    I tried to buy tickets to his show in Tampa in November and could not get seats next to each other for my wife and I. I wonder if the scalpers got in there and did this on purpose, but my e-mail to him or whomever answers his e-mail went unanswered. So much for doing it himself. Now he is not getting any of my money because I lost out on tickets…

  • chriscrk

    Wow, the topic of Louis is not biased at all here! He’s okay, but he’s not that great. George is way better. Louis is funny, sometimes… But a lot of the time it feels like he tries to say rude or shocking stuff just for the sake of it, to try get a reaction out of people, but it doesn’t have much behind it, just shocking little words. George shocked, but he had a lot to back up that shock.