Samsung Releases App For Weirdos Wanting To Switch From iPhone To Galaxy Smartphones


Switching from the iPhone to the Galaxy S III? You're crazy. Here's an app to help you switch.
Switching from the iPhone to the Galaxy S III? You're crazy. Here's an app to help you switch.

Sometimes, something so traumatic happens to the human body that a person undergoes a complete personality shift. The girl who was, before, a model member of the Christian league gets hit by a car suddenly becomes promiscuous and violent. The good-natured guy who helps everyone has a wrench fall on his skull from fifty feet and becomes a drug-addicted psychopath. And the alpha businessman who is in a car crash goes from trading on Wall Street to rambling incoherently and exposing himself on subway platforms.

It’s sad, but it happens, and Samsung wants people who have been unfortunate enough to undergo such mental trauma ending in a complete personality shift to know that they’ve got a friend in them. That’s the only explanation for the Korean manufacturer’s latest play: an app for the deranged minds who are switching from the iPhone to a Galaxy smartphone.

The app is called Easy Phone Sync, and it helps people who are currently locked into an iOS device to transfer their iTunes and iOS data to their new Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

The app, which works through USB, will transfer your iTunes contacts, messages, videos, photos, podcasts, playlists and even music from your computer to your new Galaxy device. You just need to download the app from the Google Play store, then download the accompanying software on the Mac or PC.

It’s nice, of course, to have an option to migrate your data if you’re switching from an iPhone to Samsung device… but seriously, how often does that happen?

Source: Easy Phone Sync
Image: Android Central

  • lwdesign1

    OK John, you made me laugh. I agree with you completely, of course. My iPhone 4S is my constant companion–but I guess it makes sense for anyone who was forced to get an iPhone against their will, or who considers Apple to be a demonic corporation bent on world conquest. That alone should be cause for concern, but if using a Samsung Galaxy will keep them quiet and off the streets, I welcome this new app.

  • 5imo

    Best article ever written! probably the funniest one iv’e read all year. John sould of ended with Samsung Galaxy S3 “Designed by lawyers, inspired by Apple.”

  • 5imo

    Holy shit your comment system worked for once!

  • worm

    You are the biggest disgrace to this site. Just because people prefer other devices doesn’t make them stupid. I like to have more customization with my device, so I run Android. I’m nowhere near deranged

  • RadTech5000

    Samdung calls everyone Sheep and now they give us this App? Sounds a bit pathetic to me!

  • K12123

    I am an outright apple person however, the new gsiii seems like a really attractive device. This website is dedicated to news about apple but I don’t think bashing another device is necessary. Besides, the gsiii have some amazing features, beautiful screen, powerful processor, and offers loads of customization, and it isn’t wrongful of Samsung to help their customers adjust to their newly purchased equipment seamlessly. Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if some iphone users trade in for the new Samsung. Apple fanatics are starting to become close minded. Apple is a great company, and a great innovator, and one of the best, but no one can ever claim to be the best. There’s a lot out there, some maybe just as good if not better than apple. Face it.

  • stevenndiaz

    I have to admit, I have been an Apple Fanboy for more than 6 years now. However, this article is pathetic. First off, I hope the author of this article has spent enough time to give the phone in question a fair review when putting it up against the iPhone 4S. It is no question that the GSIII beats it and every other Android in the Market spec wise. However, the android label is reason enough to deride it as Android Crapware. I have actually changed ship as far as cell phone goes. I have no doubt in my mind that Apple will continue to inspire and innovate in ways were broken industries will be reshaped from the ground up. I still hold a lot of respect for the Silicon Valley company, however their culture (however successful this strategy has been, might be reason for concern in the coming years as other companies finally bring out devices that are formidable competitors to Apple offering) has been too closed off and demanding. They exert too much control over their entire ecosystem that sometimes leaves customers demotivated and uninspired. I purchased the Galaxy with the knowledge of what Apple will be offering this September. And that’s what brings me to my last point. They led the market for so long that they have lost their touch. Everything has become so predictable. We all knew what the Retina MBP specs were, what it was going to look like, that 6 new MBP SKU’s would be available. And it is this very thing that will come to haunt them in the future as companies that have been milking the cow with below par offerings actually develop and aesthetically sharpen devices in the background. It comes without saying that the GSIII S-voice feature is a carbon copy of SIRI. That, nonetheless, is the only exception to a remarkable and innovative device. This is what fine craftsmanship is, you take what works and you sharpen it and make it better. This is not me being a troll. It’s a wake-up call to expand your highly provincial views.

  • stevenndiaz

    Note *where

  • stevenndiaz

    Oh, and to your last question, it will happen aplenty this summer.

  • Mrarkon

    No! Not Cult of Mac too! It’s getting overrun by obsessive fanboys!
    But all seriousness put in, I’ve been with Apple products since the first iPhone, and I do not think it’s crazy to have the Samsung Galaxy. It’s not right to call people derangedor psychotic just because they’re switching from one phone to another.

  • clever81

    I’ve just made to move from iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Best decision I ever made. I was so sick of being locked into the Apple walled garden. Now I can drag and drop, or download any file straight to my phone and having a bigger screen is a godsend for consuming content. I find it very offensive that you call us mental for wanting to switch from Apple, I think you’re just a w@nker who is blind to what else is out there. Half of my friends have made, or are considering switching to Android, and everyone I know that has will never go back. So perhaps you’re the mental one for so blindly following Apple like all the other iSheep!

  • northshorenerd

    You’re a jackass Brownlee: people switch devices, and sometimes platforms. They’re not weirdos: they’re just not slaves to a brand.

  • applesandsynths

    Brownlee, you’re a real turd and still one of the worst writers I’ve ever seen. Time for a new day job, bud.

  • Mitch Dahl

    So you’re comparing a girl involved in a car accident, a guy struck by a wrench from fifty feet, and another car accident, to people who switch away from your beloved iPhone? You’re either an excellent troll or a pathetic reporter (after seeing some of the so called journalism you spit out, bashing anything that isn’t Apple, I’m going with the latter.)

    Happy days :)