Just Mobile Horizon, A Pretty Much Perfect iPad Wall Mount [Review]


The Horizon will fit into any room.
The Horizon will fit into any room.

Just Mobile, purveyor of high-design aluminum objects to the not-so-rich, makes what seems at first to be a pointless little gadget. It’s called the Horizon, and its sole purpose is to let you hang your iPad on the wall. I was skeptical when I received the review unit, but it turns out to be pretty great, and full of Just Mobile’s trademark clever design touches.

The wall-plate.

The Horizon comes in four parts, plus a paper drilling template, screws and wall plugs. A thick plate screws to the wall, and its countersunk holes keep its profile flat. The panel has bevelled edges so that the iPad bracket itself can just slide on sideways, and it is held in place by a sprung ball bearing which engages with a hole on the bracket.

The iPad bracket has a U-shaped channel into which you press one of two rubber liners: one for the iPad 1 and 3, the other for the skinny iPad 2. I was using the iPad 3 to test it, and the fit is tight and snug.

One of the two supplied rubber inserts.

The Good

The Horizon looks great. It’s so minimal that you’ll be allowed to put it anywhere without your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other complaining. Because of the mounting system all you see is a strip of silver on the wall.

In use, the bracket holds the iPad tight and safe, whether in horizontal or vertical orientations. I put mine in the kitchen as I never have a safe space to stow the iPad while I cook or clean, and this is ideal. It feels sturdy even when you’re jabbing at the screen.

The only downside is that these photos show just how embarrassingly dirty my kitchen walls are.

Which brings us to the clever design. In landscape mode, the iPad’s home button and dock connector are free in the breeze and easily accessible. In portrait, though, both are covered up. The solution is a hole in the bottom through which you can plug in a cable, and a hole on the front.

Through this hole pokes a little rubber nubbin, a part of the main rubber liner. It’s right over the home button, so pressing the nubbin presses the button beneath. Ingenious, and with the added bonus of keeping the iPad safe from wet and dirty fingers.

The Bad

Nothing. The Horizon does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and with style and some clever touches. I guess the only problem would be that I now want one in every room (yes, even the bathroom), and at $50 a pop, that’s going to be expensive.

The Verdict

If you want a minimal mount that will fit any iPad, and fit into any decor, then you could do a lot worse than the Horizon. Just one tip: download a leveling app for your iPad before you begin. I lined this one up by eye when mounting it, and the only reason you don’t see the tilt is because I fixed the photos in post.

[xrr rating=90%]

Source: Just Mobile