Windows Phone 8 Wants To Be The Next iOS, But Can It Compete?


Windows Phone 8

Microsoft unveiled today what will be the future of their phone software, Windows Phone 8. Building upon the foundation of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s newest iteration of its phone operating system brings some new features and enhancements that tie both Windows on the desktop and Windows on mobile devices together. With the introduction of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft laid the groundwork for a new, company wide strategy which closely resembles that of Apple’s.

Many of the improvements and added features to Windows Phone 7 are now making their way back to the desktop, in the form of Windows 8 and Windows RT, the tablet variety. Windows Phone 8 further unifies the operating system structure across all devices, and also brings some new functionality to the table which will compete directly with iOS 6, come fall.

One of the major announcements out of Microsoft today was what they called the “Windows Core.” In a nutshell, this means that Windows Phone 8 will share many elements of the Windows NT architecture with Windows 8 on the desktop. This includes things such as the kernel, filesystem, and device drivers.

This switch to a shared core is in a way similar to how iOS, from the very beginning, was built on top of the UNIX foundation of OS X. Taking another cue from iOS 6, Windows Phone 8 will also now be able to seamlessly handle multiple screen resolutions. While not handled entirely the same, this is without a doubt reminiscent of iOS’s Auto layout feature we reported on yesterday.

These features are more or less small potatoes compared to the push for NFC in Windows Phone 8, which will undoubtedly rival Apple’s new Passbook solution. It’s tough to say whether or not Microsoft will become a major threat to Apple in this regard, but all will be revealed in fall when both operating systems are set to be released.

Microsoft has made it clear that they are going after Apple with their NFC technology, directly saying: “Google has the NFC payment part, Apple has the Passbook thing, we’ll have both.”

Windows Phone 8 may want to be the next iOS, but is Microsoft’s latest offering enough to bring its platform up to speed with the likes of Google and Apple? It’s shaping up to be an interesting fall.

Image: The Verge

  • justmeblue5ft3

    Did they give a release date and price for the Windows 8 phone? They haven’t for the other Windows 8 devices yet, correct? I”m so tired of trying to find out, which probably tells me that I don’t need Windows 8 anyway.
    A PS This Windows phone is a Windows/Windows phone?
    Not like a Nokia/Windows phone?

  • Murray Chapman

    I am not a mac fanboy even though I use mainly apple products. When Windows started investing seriously into interface design that was more human centred, I was instantly interested in seeing what they had to offer. Vista was sadly a joke. It was an effort but it back fired in a big way. Windows 7 was a lot better and with Windows 8, it shows more potential. On the flip, something about their design seems clunky. It is as if they are trying to re-create an interface and it just does not work. The freshness of the interface is there however the intuitive nature is lacking and a simple workflow such as getting to mail and then sending one out changes during a single process. This leads to confusion which leads to frustration (which leads to a lot of four letter words).

    I think they have the funds to do some serious research and design but everything at the moment points to this chapter being shut on them before they get a leg in.

    Sea dragon looks promising and possibly could change the way we interact with multimedia.

    Surface whether it be a table of a tablet also looks promising.

    Personally, I do not want Microsoft to go away and for Mac to take over entirely. I like competition and I hope it will be around to keep everyone on their toes.

    (re: Adobe to Macromedia).

    Whatever happens Microsoft, stay focused but remember that the end user is what really matters.

  • MacHead84

    I swear a lot of people are drooling over the new Windows phone layouts. I think it looks like a cluster**** bad!

  • FriarNurgle

    Buddy at work has a Windows phone. He’s the only person I know with one and he got it to be different.

  • aardman

    Again, Microsoft touting ‘features’ as the way it plans to compete. Problem is features are things that competitors can adopt easily if they prove to be popular.

  • annaloren47


  • morning_coffee

    I think it looks awesome. I liked WP7 and this is just leaps and bounds a big step forward. I think it’s great the way MS took a whole new approach, and not copy Apple’s modal interface and grid icons. I’m an old time Mac user with an iPhone and iPad and I find it insane when reading people like Pogue writing about how MS should just give up. Why? have we suddenly reached the end of mobile developments in the world? Since iOS is the best-selling mobile os there is, that we are stuck with it until the end of time? Man, makes me laugh. We need developments like this, and I personally like to see any new tech that is genuinely decent. To get to a future point in time with devices far greater than what we have now, it’s developments from many companies that take us there.

    Anyhoo, rant off. WP7 is great, WP8 looks bloody amazing. I can’t wait to see the hardware from Nokia when this comes out.

    aardman – How do you propose they build new users? Not with features? I think it’s features that will sell the phones, not just a new GUI. It’s what Apple has done and it works well. New features that work and enhance the experience.

  • van_Eyck

    If Windows Phone supported the same apps as the ones supported by iOS or Android, I’d switch back to Windows in a flash. But it doesn’t…. so iPhone remains my #1,

  • joewaylo

    If they want to go after Apple, they should make their own phone too. They made their own Tablet already for Windows 8. They just need to do the same with the phone. But go big like gorilla glass 3.

  • wehatemacs

    Arrogant pricks