Finally: A Rugged, Waterproof iPad Case That Looks Good!



A year ago, I whined and complained that, although the iPad is “awesome,” it’s also a “dandy fancy boy” — for indoor use only.

Yes, there are water-proof “cases” that are little more than industrial-strength zip-lock baggies and bulky padded covers that look like crap and, in any event, aren’t waterproof.

But now it looks like LifeProof is working on an iPad case that both water-proofs and ruggedizes your favorite tablet, without ruining its appearance.

The company hasn’t announcing pricing, but since the iPhone version is $80 the iPad version won’t be cheap.

Go here to pre-order.

  • nthnm

    It’s a very nicely designed case.

  • SimsDaniel

    Seams cool but I wouldn’t trust it with my $829 device under water.

  • imhere

    Are you blind? I never see so ugly case in my life.

    Look at the iPad – it’s gorgeous, it’s so amazing as object, like art object or sculpture. Smooth shapes and amazing design proportions. Any case that hides this all is fail. That’s why Apple create Smart Cover and only than Smart Case (but with a sleek forms).
  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    You could also not take your iPad when you go swimming. 

  • anthrovisual

    “Finally” doesn’t mean much when the case is still MIA. What’s the point of this post? We’ve been waiting for this case for over a year. There’s nothing post-worthy here. Move along.