Maxed Out Retina MacBook Pro Won’t Ship For 3-5 Weeks



I don’t “need” a new MacBook Pro with Retina display and maxed out specs, but I really want one. I want one like really really bad, and maybe you do too, but if you’re frothing at the mouth to shell out the $4,000 for the top of the line MacBook Pro you’re going to have to be really patient because right now the shipping estimates are 3-5weeks. That’s just long enough for buyers remorse to sink in.

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5 responses to “Maxed Out Retina MacBook Pro Won’t Ship For 3-5 Weeks”

  1. David Fulero says:

    ^ This.

  2. Shameer Mulji says:

    Right in time for the OSX Mountain Lion official release.

  3. antangil says:

    I think it’s just the SSD – my laptop is the same except 512GB instead of the 768, ships in 5-7 business days.

  4. Anthony Gress says:

    Mine is 512GB with 8GB RAM and its telling me

    Is it 2-3 weeks? or 2-3 business days? i paid the extra 15$ for the express shipping rather than the free shipping.

  5. ApplePr0n says:

    I was really ready to drop $1500 on one of these guys. But $2199 is a steep price and a hit to the wallet, especially for a college student

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