Siri Could Be Coming To The iPad In iOS 6 [Rumor]


Is Siri coming to iPad with iOS 6?
Is Siri coming to iPad with iOS 6?

A new rumor suggests that come next week’s WWDC, Siri is finally making its way to the iPad. Or, at least, it will when iOS 6 is finalized in September later in the year.

According to the rumor, Siri on the iPad works identically to how it works on the iPhone 4S, except for one thing: it’s a slide-in interface, à la Notification Center, instead of a fullscreen affair. Makes sense, given the iPad’s 9.7-inch display: a fullscreen Siri would be overkill.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot of content to this report, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, it seems plausible Apple would bring Siri to the iPad. The only question is one of ramping up to scale: Apple’s Siri servers have been crushed by traffic ever since the iPhone 4S’s debut, leading to regular downtimes and unpredictable responses. Can Apple handle additional traffic by rolling it out to all existing iPads at once, or even just the new iPad?

Then there’s the question of whether or not Siri makes sense on a tablet. We’ve previously argued that Apple is unlikely to ship Siri on devices without an always-on Internet connection, which means 3G iPad models only. Is Cupertino likely to fragment iPads this way?

Source: 9to5Mac