Go Paperless With This iBook For Your iPad [iOS Tips]


Macsparky field guide

The paperless office is something we’ve been aiming at for at least a decade, if not longer. With the proliferation of affordable yet powerful digital devices like the iPhone and the iPad, the dream may be more in reach that we realize. David Sparks has released an iBook (created with iBooks Author, no less) that will help us all use less and less paper in our lives.

According to Sparks,

The book is a deep dive on paperless workflows for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It takes full advantage of iBooks Author and includes picture galleries, interactive images, movies, 32 screencasts, and nearly 27,000 words. There is over an hour and a half of video. Not only does this book tell you how to go paperless, it also shows you.

If you or your organization is looking to save money by using less paper, or you just want to reduce your own personal paper workflow, this might be a great way to start. I personally hate paper – it clutters up my work and living space. I’m looking forward to really working with this iBook and going as paperless as possible.

The The MacSparky Paperless Field Guide is an iPad only iBook and it’s available now for $4.99.

Source: MacSparky
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