The New iPhone’s Larger Display? [Video]


The current iPhone next to the new display size.
The current iPhone next to the new display size.

Well what do we have here. With rumors saying that the next iPhone will feature a taller, 4-inch display, a video has surfaced from Japanese site Macotakara detailing the new screen dimensions on video. After getting its hands on what appears to be the parts that have been floating around in the wild for the last few days, Macotakara’s video shows off a 4.07-inch front panel that could easily house the larger display everyone has been talking about.

As you can see, the width has remained unchanged, but the screen is definitely taller. The height of the Home button also looks to be slightly smaller. Different theories propose that Apple could change the next iPhone’s aspect ratio to 16:9 to accommodate the larger display, or the current Retina resolution could be simply scaled up to fill the new screen size.

Macotakara has a mixed track record with this stuff, but this front panel does match up with what’s been floating around recently, including leaked schematics from overseas that were posted yesterday.

The new on top of the old.

Source: Macotakara

  • sosickitzill

    Hmm, with no major redesign of the current iPhone, definitely gives credence to this supposedly leak. 

  • Blake Beavers

    I still don’t understand why they are making it taller. Hopefully Apple will enlighten me when they announce it

  • MacHead84

    I really hope this is not what the next 2 iPhones will look like. It really looks strange that elongated to me….

  • DiogoLG

    I was hoping for less bevel, so wouldn’t get so taller =S 

  • silver_toes

    Why would they make it longer but not wider? =S

  • Chris Cooper

    Could it not be that this is just a custom-made screen protector of sorts?

    Designed purely to add fuel to the rumour mill?
    It looks a little on the thin side to be glass to me, but I could be wrong having never seen a glass panel on the current iPhone.
  • TylerHoj

    You should be able to hold your phone with one hand and use your thumb to compose a message easily and fluidly. That’s what Android phone’s lack on their jumbo-tron-like screens. That’s why Apple [aka the only tech company that has their shit together these days] made it taller. Plus, now you can cram an extra row of apps at the bottom or who knows, possibly some kind of extended dock or something else ‘magical’ in iOS 6 that we know nothing about as of yet. WWDC should fill in some of the blanks. 

  • Tim Lanfair

    a Longer iPhone makes more sine design wise,, i do agree with the texting with one hand thing,, i think thats important….I also think that Siri will come to the iphone4, and the iPad, ,,, eventually the mac as well….

    two weeks to wwdc,,, iOS 6 will surely enlighten us all of what is on the horizon
  • mr_bee

    I was hoping for less bevel, (sic) so wouldn’t get so taller =S 

    Looks like the *bezel* is a bit smaller all around to me.  

  • shade/ohio

    thats not it

  • David_Lazarus

    It might mean wide screen films will look better on the screen. Other than that I am not that fussed. 

  • Jaime Cruz

    If the next iphone is as shown, I will not buy it. 

  • Robert X

    Ugly…I can’t believe Apple would do this.

  • alihoop

    Why? Because:

    1- Max Grip width of most people for a one hand operation is at the current width.
    2- Prevailing view these days is Portrait other than Video and viola for Landscape the extra width is perfect for movies.
    3- Need more battery space for LTE.
    But the most compelling reason is……. Drum Roll
    4- Apple will head up the threat from Microsoft W8 wider format and hence eliminate the differentiating factor that Microsoft is betting on.  Apple of today is not the Apple of yesterday.  They are actively incorporating competitors improvements to the UI.  A good example is Palm universal search and MultiTasking.  They do not intend to lag behind ever.  iOS6 will probably have dynamic icons that display status in a similar fashion as W8 tiles. 
  • Brandon Dillon

    I’m assuming this is one of the fake products that Apple has their employees work on. It actually benefits them. It shows which groups of people can be trusted, and it also makes iPhone rumors in general lose integrity, thus giving more of a “wow” factor when a product is actually unveiled.