How iPads Can Transform Learning in Boyle Heights [Sponsored Post]


Singer at the TRANS4M Boyle Heights launch.
     Singer at the TRANS4M Boyle Heights launch.
  • TechUser

    I grew up in Boyle Heights, (near Lorena St. and Whittier Blvd.).  ANYTHING to get the hipsters, socialites, and politicians to invest in the neighborhood is wonderful.  Ever since the ’71 riots, and the renaming of Brooklyn Avenue, the area has spiraled into financial obscurity.

    Virtually all the middle-class and blue collar American-Born hispanic families who moved into the neighborhood in the 1920’s through the 1940’s have long since moved far away to the suburbs.  They have steadily been replaced by recent immigrant families from Mexico and South America.  These folks work in the service industries and earn minimum wage, and can use as much financial and educational assistance as can be spared.