Unfold To Unlock Tweak Now Available For Your iPhone [Jailbreak]



Remember that snazzy “fold to unlock” concept for the iPhone that we told you about last week? Just like a lot of software concepts, developers have now turned it into a fully functional tweak for jailbroken devices, and it’s available to download now via Cydia.

It’s called Unfold and it’s available from the BigBoss repo — which should be one of your Cydia sources by default — for free. Once installed and activated, it transforms your boring slide to unlock animation into something a little more interesting — a piece of paper that folds open to reveal your home screen.

This news does come with a word of warning, though. We’ve tested Unfold on a jailbroken iPhone and it caused one device to lock up completely, forcing us to boot up in safe mode and remove the tweak. If you decide to try it out, let us know how it works for you.

Source: iOSNova

Video: YouTube