Nokia Says Siri Is A Dirty Little Liar



For a very brief moment in time, the Nokia 900 reigned supreme in the eyes of Siri. When asked what the best smartphone ever is, Siri replied back that the Nokia 900 4G was the best. Apple fixed that problem pretty quickly and made sure that Siri now replies that the iPhone 4S is lord of all smartphones. Now Nokia is pissed and says that Apple is conspiring against the truth, and if Siri’s opinions on smartphones can’t be trusted, what can? It’ll be anarchy.

“Apple positions Siri as the intelligent system that’s there to help, but clearly if they don’t like the answer, they override the software,” said Nokia spokeswoman Tracy Postill.

Nokia, when you’re king of the castle you get to make your own rules, especially when providing answers that are completely subjective. If Apple wants Siri to say that penguins are ostensibly cuter than pandas, or that cupcakes are better than brownies, it’s kind of their call.

There is a lot of truth to what Nokia is saying though. Clearly, Apple tweaked Siri so that it no longer uses WolframAlpha to answer the question, “What is the best smartphone ever?” Now Siri just provides a few preset responses like “You’re kidding, right?” “Wait…are there other phones?” or “The one that’s in your hand.”

WolframAlpha was a bad place to try to find an answer to that question to begin with, because it wasn’t designed to excel at those queries and just looks at rankings in Best Buy’s customer reviews.  Maybe in the future Apple will use sites like TheWirecutter, or Gdgt to gather “best of” data, but Nokia will probably cry foul then too because both of those sites have the iPhone 4S ranked as the top smartphone too.

Source: SMH

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  • TheSuperSteve

    Also if you ask her what the best tablet is, She says, “There is only iPad, [Name]”. If you ask her what the best computer is, she says, “All truly intelligent assistants prefer Macintosh” and, “If its made by Apple, then its the best computer”. 

  • joewaylo

    Anyone believe Nokia will file an anti-trust lawsuit with the false claim that the iPhone is better than their Lumina 900? I have a feeling Nokia won’t hold their grounds for long with a Samsung Galaxy S III either.

  • benandarchie

    Yep that is so true. Well said Nokia! I’ve lived in the dark of the 16 boring icons that dont do anything for to long. I feel free :D

  • shannon_f

    Shut up, Nokia

  • Eric

    But side by side, spec to spec, the 4S does beat out the 900 in most aspects (that are relevant to a smartphone), including screen quality, pic and video, speed.

  • Steven Zahl

    NOKIA Go get a Life.

  • Jdsonice

    Poor Nokia – my heart does not bleed for them. It bleeds for the price of my stock. The fact that it is worth crap makes me mad.

    Nokia should be worried about how to fix the problems they have (like not making any money and being plan fucking stupid) instead of wasting their time on stupid idiotic wars with Apple. 
  • Thomas Kaarup

    Well, if you continue to ask her if she’s sure, Siri will answer that we were talking about me not her. That’s a bit creepy since Siri shouldn’t know what and when I’m holding what

  • Luis Garza

    Has anybody noticed that we are talking about different questions?

    First of all, I don’t have a 4S, so no Siri access, but…
    When the stories started, the question in the screenshots was “what’s the best smartphone ever?” and the answer was the Lumia 900.
    But in this screenshot (and all the ones I’ve seen with this answer), the question is “what’s the best smartphone?”
    Notice the lack of the word “ever” in that last question and the screenshot? I think that makes a difference…somebody with a 4S that could check?
  • Buster

    @Luis Garza it makes no difference if “ever” is in the sentence or not. same results

  • chrlormil

    SIRIously? Why take Siri’s answer so seriously? yes u can take some seriously(maps, weather…..) but when you are asking stupid questions, she’ll give you jokes. I’m not saying apple products are jokes when Siri uses them as answers to those “what’s the best…….”, of course she’ll say Mac is the best computer, ipad is the best tablet, and iPhone is the best phone!

  • Alexander530

    Yeah right Nokia. Like the Lumia 900 is indeed the best smartphone, lol.

  • little_geeko

    I am sure the question was “which is the best cell phone” when Siri answered with Nokia Lumia 900…