Apple Will Switch To Nvidia Graphics For The New MacBook Pros [Rumor]



Today has been a huge news day for the MacBook Pro, but the rumormill isn’t done churning just yet. A new report is claiming that Apple will release updated MacBook Pros this summer and that they will make the switch from using AMD GPUs to Nvidia graphics.

Late this afternoon The Verge confirmed Joanna Stern’s report that the new MacBook Pros will feature new Nvidia graphic chips. The report cannot confirm which specific chip will be used, but it is believed to be similar to the 28nm GeForce GT 650M – a chip that provides similar power and performance efficiency to the 28nm GeForce GT 640M.

Current model MacBook Pros use AMD’s Radeon HD 6770M and Radeon HD 6750M for graphics processing, so Apple will be making a significant switch if these rumors prove to be true. The Verge’s report comes on the heels of a report from Bloomberg that the next MacBook Pro’s will be announced at WWDC and include a thinner body, solid-state drives, and retina displays. Benchmarks for the new machines were leaked last night that showed a considerable boost in processing power thanks to new Ivy Bridge Processors.

Benchmarks were also revealed for new Ivy Bridge iMacs last night, but information on an anticipated redesign has not yet been made available. With less than a month till WWDC we should expect more leaks to trickle in about MacBook Pros, iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion and iMacs to trickle in. Hold on to your hats because it looks like WWDC is going to be one exciting keynote.


Via: The Verge

Image: Gizmodo

  • Yellowcows

    No rumors on the beloved MacPro? :(

  • Buster

    @yellowcows None yet :(

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    @Yellowcows the old Mac Pros still score double what the iMacs score.

  • Yeaitsponce

    Seriously Mac? After you slammed Nvidia *falsely* of having lower processing power on their Tegra 3 chips compared to your A5X? Nvidia can do what they want,it just seems to me that Apple is kissing the ass they kicked, and I think Nvidia should just say no you can’t use our graphics cards, jerks! But then again they aren’t little children…but they are corporations soo . . . :P I kid of course