Foxconn: Our CEO Absolutely Did Not Confirm An Apple HDTV [Report]


Foxconn's CEO didn't let the cat out of the bag after all.
Foxconn's CEO didn't let the cat out of the bag after all.

Last week a Chinese news site called ChinaDaily published a report saying that Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said his company was “making preparations for iTV, Apple Inc’s rumored upcoming high-definition television.” The statement was then turned into a whirlwind of Apple iTV/HDTV “confirmed by Foxconn CEO” stories that made the rounds.

Foxconn is now saying that its CEO did not confirm Apple’s rumored television set in any way.

In a statement given to The Next Web, “Any reports that Foxconn confirmed that it is preparing to produce a specific product for any customer are not accurate.” Gou was more likely saying that his company “is always prepared to meet the manufacturing needs of customers should they determine that they wish to work with Foxconn in the production of any of their products,” according to Foxconn’s statement today.

Fortune dissected the very same iTV Foxconn rumor this morning:

Gou — whose factories assemble 40% of the world’s electronic devices — is one of the industry’s most secretive executives. He is privy to the future product plans of the most valuable electronics brands — not just Apple, but also Sony, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and the rest. He is trusted by his business partners because he never leaks their secrets.

Given how jealously Apple guards its own secrets, and how relentlessly it pursues those who spill them, what are the chances that Gou would say anything — ever — about an unannounced Apple product, real or imagined?

Makes sense to us. Facts from ChinaDaily were likely lost in translation or tampered with before going to print. And so on the rumor mill churns.

Cult of Mac recently revealed that Apple’s HDTV will look much like the company’s existing Thunderbolt Displays, only significantly larger. The TV set is also expected to feature Siri integration and a front-facing camera for making FaceTime calls.

Source: The Next Web

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    Doesn’t mean their still not coming out with a TV, no matter how much you personally hate the idea.