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5by5 Podcast Network Gets Its Own iPhone App — Finally



Listen live, get push notifications

The world’s best podcast network just launched an app. Now you can live stream podcasts direct to your iPhone from Dan Benjamin’s amazing 5by5 network using the new 5by5 Radio app.

5by5 is the home of John Gruber’s The Talk Show, Andy Ihnatko’s Ihnatko Almanac, John Siracusa’s Hypercritical and Marco Arment’s coffee-and-cars show Build and Analyze.

Using the $3 app, you can not only stream shows, you can also get push notifications when they are broadcast live (configurable on a per-show basis), see the number of live listeners, play shows over AirPlay (with background audio support) and view a schedule.

It’s a little bare bones tight now, but the point was to get the app out and then start adding things. I’m a huge 5by5 fan, so I would have bought it just to give Dan some money for his great work, but the push notifications are actually pretty great. I listen to all my podcasts as actual podcasts in the Instacast or Downcast apps, but the push notifications let me know when I can expect the downloads to show up.

The app is available now on iTunes.

Source: iTunes