Droplr Goes Pro, Offers Ad-Free Experience, More Storage, Customization For $3 Per Month


droplr icon

Droplr, the popular web and app service for sharing files and links online, has launched its Droplr Pro plan. In case you didn’t know, Droplr is an incredibly slick way of sharing and storing media in the cloud. The iPhone and Mac apps can also be used to share files with shortened links, much like CloudApp.

Droplr Pro offers a completely ad-free experience, views/downloads statistics, increased storage, private drops, customized drop views, and custom domain configuration for short URLs. The service costs $3 per month or $30 per year.

The free version of Droplr in the Mac App Store will only upload a max of 25MB per drop (“drop” simply refers to a file you store in Droplr), and you get 1GB of free storage total. With Droplr Pro, you can upload separate files up to 1GB in size and store up to 100GB of stuff in the cloud. Droplr supports many types of files, including web links, images, videos, and text.

If you’re a dedicated Droplr user or want to use what the service has to offer, signup for Droplr Pro and give it a spin. Droplr also has free apps in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. The service’s yearly Pro plan is priced very competitively, beating CloudApp’s Pro plan by $15.