Leica X2, The $2,000 Fixed-Lens Compact



The X2 appears adequate

Is today’s new $8,000 M Monochrome a little too rich for you? Then why not have a taste of Leica’s other new camera, the cheap-o ($2,000) X2?

The X2 is a fixed-lens camera with a 16.2MP APS-C-sized sensor — the same size found in most DSLRs. The lens is a 28mm, which works out to 36mm in old money, and the ISO goes up to 12,500.

It’s a weird old thing. You only get to use one focal length, and yet you still have to wait for the lens to pop in and out every time you cycle the power. The knobs and dials give many manual controls, and yet there’s no optical viewfinder (you can buy one, though).

Then again, Leica is all about contradiction, with its top-end shooters being little more than film cameras with sensors inside.

Should you decide that you want one of these instead of any number of capable Micro Four Thirds cameras, then you can pre-order it now.

Source: Leica
Via: Photography Bay