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For A Good Time, Put Clock Pro HD On Your iPad [iOS Tips]


Clocks HD

UPDATE: OK, OK, I get it. I was thinking of the iPhone Stock app. It happens! Still, it’s a nice clock app for the iPad, right? I also promise to double check what I already “know” in my head in the future. Thanks for the funny comments!

It’s funny how Apple put a stock app on my iPad, but not a calculator or a clock. Seems to me that far more people could use a calculator or clock than could use the stock app, but maybe I’m not the typical iPad buyer. Perhaps anyone (besides me) who can afford an iPad is a player in the stock market, so that just makes more sense to include it.

If you are more like me, though, you might want more typical apps like a calculator, which we suggested in a past tip, or a clock, which we will suggest in this tip.

For a mere $2.99, you can download and install this awfully gorgeous clock app to your iPad, and never again bemoan the fact that you don’t, in fact, have an app for that. Clock Pro HD, by developer Alarm Clock Company, displays a beautiful analog clock by default. Tap the little rectangular icon button in the lower right to get rid of menu bar and other cruft and just display the clock fase in all it’s roman numeral glory. The second hand even sweeps around the clock, ticking off the seconds. It’s very analog-looking.

Putting your iPad in landscape mode will show all the other available clock features, including a Digital clock, a World Clock, a Sleep Timer, a Cook Timer, a Stop Watch, a Chess Clock, a Project Clock, a Metronome, and an Alarm Clock. All you can possibly want, and more, from a clock app is here. Heck, there’s even a Nature Time Clock, with the time of your current Sunrise, Mid day, Sunset, Longitude and Latitude, and Low and High Tide.

For $3, you get all of that, plus a pretty clock to make your iPad as functional as it should be.

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