Bang & Olufsen V1 Is A Television Made For the Apple TV


Bang & Olufsen's new V1 television. 

At last, here’s the Apple TV everyone is waiting for. Well, kinda. Bang & Olufsen’s new V1 is a 32 or 40-inch 1080p TV with a hole in the back where you can hide your little puck-sized Apple TV. This, combined with a remote that can be used to control Apple’s set-top box, means that the V1 is the closest you’ll get to an actual HDTV from Apple.

The design is Apple-minimal, too. Conceived by Anders Hermansen, the Beoplay V1 is pretty much just two sheets of metal with a TV sandwiched in between, and a pop-off panel at the rear to hide all your cables and boxes. The screen itself is a Samsung 100/120 Hz edge-type LED panel, and there are five HDMI ports plus a USB port for hooking up storage and streaming music and video direct.

Talking of music, the speakers should be good enough to replace the crappy sub-and-satellite setup you have in your living room now.

I don’t own a TV, nor do I want one. But if you’re in the market for a TV from Apple, just buy this one. I have a feeling that the only Apple TV Apple will ever make is the one already in stores. After all — what’s the point of selling people yet another screen?

The V1 isn’t cheap. The 32-incher will be £2,000 ($3,240) and the 40-inch £2,500 ($4,050).

[Via Electric Pig]

  • mr_bee

    Having to hang it on those silly strings is a non-starter for me.  This certainly shows where AppleTV is headed though, and why Apple could easily rule the TV market as well if they come out with anything even similar to this. 

  • wilburg

    Bang & Olufsen make high quality equipment, but they are clearly not intended to be owned by we of the filthy masses.  The price of their stuff reserves them only for the “elite”.

  • Jack Hickman

    Wait… don’t own a tv?

  • HerbalEd

    I’m betting Apple will never come out with an actual TV set per se. Why should they? Why deal with various screen sizes? Or an expensive TV that people usually keep for many years before buying new?

    Apple will most likely … IMHO … soup up it’s Apple TV with improved Seri, DVR, etc. and enable the connected TV to communicate back-&-forth with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, iTunes & App Stores, and who knows what else.