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Bang & Olufsen V1 Is A Television Made For the Apple TV


Bang & Olufsen's new V1 television. 

At last, here’s the Apple TV everyone is waiting for. Well, kinda. Bang & Olufsen’s new V1 is a 32 or 40-inch 1080p TV with a hole in the back where you can hide your little puck-sized Apple TV. This, combined with a remote that can be used to control Apple’s set-top box, means that the V1 is the closest you’ll get to an actual HDTV from Apple.

The design is Apple-minimal, too. Conceived by Anders Hermansen, the Beoplay V1 is pretty much just two sheets of metal with a TV sandwiched in between, and a pop-off panel at the rear to hide all your cables and boxes. The screen itself is a Samsung 100/120 Hz edge-type LED panel, and there are five HDMI ports plus a USB port for hooking up storage and streaming music and video direct.

Talking of music, the speakers should be good enough to replace the crappy sub-and-satellite setup you have in your living room now.

I don’t own a TV, nor do I want one. But if you’re in the market for a TV from Apple, just buy this one. I have a feeling that the only Apple TV Apple will ever make is the one already in stores. After all — what’s the point of selling people yet another screen?

The V1 isn’t cheap. The 32-incher will be £2,000 ($3,240) and the 40-inch £2,500 ($4,050).

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