Apple Could Profitably Build Products In America – Report




A new report by the University of Manchester’s Center for Research on Socio-Cultural Change says Apple would be able to manufacture iPhones, iPads and all its computers in the United States and still maintain gross margins of 50%.

The report also concludes that Apple’s way of doing business, which involves “hoarding” cash is bad for America.

Read the report here.

(Picture courtesy of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center)


  • David Trevino

    It’s time for their medication, now we know what happens when these old ladies don’t take their medication.

  • Tim Meesseman

    Yes, saving money is such a HORRIBLE way to do business. Sheesh… spending all if your money instead of saving is strategically is how people go OUT of business!

    Also, there is no way they could manufacturer devices in America… there’s not a single US city that has enough population density that will work a factory job. Steve Jobs himself pointed this out.

  • crsalisbury

    Just let companies build their products where they like, americans are a more expensive labour force than the chinese, and besides, there isnt much American about Apple these days, designed by and English guy and built in China…….except for the stupid hollister style branding

  • Len Williams

    In the land of free enterprise, it’s astounding that there are so many people who want force Apple to not be free to do what it wants to do. Apple’s business model and manufacturing methods have brought hundreds of thousands of jobs to Chinese workers, and hundreds of millions of products to people around the world. Apple’s products are wildly successful and sought after, so the obvious thing to do is to force Apple to completely change what has been successful (sarcasm). I doubt very much these Socialist Grannies for Change have ever run a business or know anything about managing an actual profitable company.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Sure they can build products profitably in America…..but iPads would be $1,795. How many iPhones at $1499 would these old biddies buy then?

  • joewaylo

    They’ll be heavily scruitinized by EPA and Greenpeace when they build their smog factories.

  • technochick

    University of Manchester? So some Uni not in the US is going to do a report and cast judgment on whether a company can do anything in this country. And to get up on their high horse about a company hoarding cash, as if the company has a duty to spread the wealth. Maybe deal with the unbalanced budget that the country’s government has failed on. Handle the unemployment issue etc.