iPhone 5 Home Button Leaks Show Slight Tweaks Coming To Next iPhone



Everyone is hoping that the next generation iPhone will be unveiled with significant design changes. Maybe an aluminum backing, a bigger screen, or even a haptic home button will make an appearance on a redesigned iPhone. Details are scant on what the “iPhone 5” will look like, but if these newest leaks are to be believed it looks like the next iPhone will still have a home button.

New part leaks were spotted today on TVC Mall that show black and white home buttons for the iPhone 5. At first glance the buttons look like those found on the newest iPhone 4S, but closer inspection shows a few differences.

The main difference between the leaked iPhone 5 home button and that of the iPhone 4 and 4S is the iPhone 5 home hutton is round in the center and square outside. The two parts are indivisible. TrueSupplier also has images of the leaked buttons that show the difference from the current models.

It’s nearly impossible to discern whether or not these new buttons indicate whether Apple will make major design changes for the next iPhone. Many Apple fans are hoping Apple will lower the placement of the home button so that it sits nearly flush with the bottom of the phone to make room for a bigger screen without compromising on the size of the device. This may still be possible, but hopes for a haptic home button may have been squashed today as TVC Mall has a decent track record of leaking minor repair parts before a new product announcement.

[AppleBitch via MacRumors]

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Ok, enough with the 5 already! It’s the sixth iPhone!

  • Lane Jasper

    Ok, enough with the 5 already! It’s the sixth iPhone!

    But the fist one didn’t count ;-)

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    Ok, enough with the 5 already! It’s the sixth iPhone!

    But the fist one didn’t count ;-)

    Not according to the iPhone 4

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to drop the home button. The iPad has enough gestures to live without the home button. The iPhone can live with a soft-touch home key or an integrated home key always present on-screen. I’d personally rather have a soft-key that sits underneath the glass. The home key could light up and serve a dual purpose as a notification LED. I’m looking forward to one sleek ass iPhone this year.

  • Rachel Berry

    why is apple giving up all the features that made iphone stand out among other smart phones. I think the circular home button was very easy to use as well as the iconic shape of iphone product (i dont recall any other smart phone having round home button). I think Apple has become frustrated by seeing all those smart phones in the market and is thus trying out different changes in its product instead of staying true to the originality of iphone design, which in my opinion he must do.


  • TopAgentWebsite

    Yawn… this is hardly news.

    And how can we know 100% that this was not just a random button :? 
    Either way… print source please.