Stream Your New iPad or iPhone 4S Camera Live To AppleTV with AirPlay [iOS Tips]



What a world we live in. The things we can do with our iOS devices are world changing, and would make a person visiting from just a few decades ago squeal with delight or shiver with fear, depending on their philosophical bent.

Today’s tip is one of those “obvious if I’d thought about it” kind of tips that, well, is pretty obvious when you think about it. Here’s how to live stream the camera from your iPad 2, New iPad, or iPhone 4S to a big screen TV via AirPlay and an AppleTV.

First up, make sure you have an AppleTV connected to a TV. Once that’s settled, grab your iPhone 4S or your iPad 2 or new (odd nomenclature, right?) and launch the Camera app. Choose the front or back camera, and then double click on the Home button, which should bring up the Multitasking bar.

Swipe to the right to get to the Media Bar, and tap the AirPlay icon. Just like last week’s tip on getting presentations and gaming apps to the AppleTV, this will bring up a little pop-up menu. Choose AppleTV from the list, and turn on Mirroring.

Your TV will now turn into an exact duplicate of your iPad’s screen, camera and all. Point the camera around the room, take it out of the room, and it’ll feed its signal right to the AppleTV, which is output on the big screen HDTV. Of course, if you’re using the new iPad, you might notice hoe much better the screen is, resolution-wise, than your HDTV. So, you know, fair warning.

And yes, that IS a picture of the Skyrim map, why do you ask?

[Source: OS X Daily]

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