How To Enable AirPlay For Keynote And Gaming Apps [iOS Tips]



Here’s a scary scenario: you’ve spent hours and hours creating the perfect Keynote presentation for your job, and you show up to the room you’re going to show it off, only to find that you’ve forgotten your little white dongle that connects the iPad to the big screen TV in that room. Uh oh. Luckily, there IS an Apple TV sitting there (conveniently). Lucky you, you get to keep your job. Getting the iPad signal up to the big screen isn’t quite as intuitive as connecting it to a HDMI cable, but it is pretty simple.

This will work with any AirPlay enabled app, like iMovie or any of the games Cult of Mac rounded up a little while ago for your gaming pleasure. Using Keynote with AirPlay is no different.

Make sure the AppleTV is on, and connected to the HDTV it’s connected to. Tap Keynote to launch it on the iPad, and then open the presentation you want to give.

Double tap the Home button on the iPad itself, and the multitasking bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe to the right to reveal the media bar, which has the AirPlay button just to the left of the Volume slider.

Tap the AirPlay button and select Apple TV, then tap the Mirroring switch to turn that on. The TV screen should now have your presentation on it, ready to go. You can also use this method to send the signal from any AirPlay enabled app video-out to an AppleTV.

[Source: Gotta Be Mobile]

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