Apple Changes Its Mind, Lets DragonDrop Into Mac App Store


Where it belongs... DragonDrop in the Mac App Store
Where it belongs... DragonDrop in the Mac App Store

Apple has changed its mind about DragonDrop, the file moving utility that we reviewed here a few weeks ago, and granted the app a place in the Mac App Store after initially saying it would never back down.

DragonDrop stores files and folders in a convenient pop-up window that appears when you shake your mouse or wiggle your fingers on the trackpad. It makes moving files from one place to another much easier.

The only problem was that Apple didn’t consider it suitable for the Mac App Store. The app was repeatedly rejected on the grounds that it “modified native Mac OS X behavior”. (See our previous article for details about that.)

Developer Mark Christian was left frustrated, to put it mildly, and in the end simply released the app independently.

But things have moved on. Here’s Mark with an update:

Apple has relented and allowed DragonDrop into the App Store. Your article helped shed light on the issue, and I received notes from people who contacted Apple on my behalf. Your publicity really helped. (You’re welcome – Ed.)

This is particularly amazing to me because the last time I spoke with Apple on the phone, their representative told me that they would not move on this point and that I should give up. Fortunately, I discovered the app PopClip, which seemed to be much more of a violation of their rule than DragonDrop. Pointing this out to them caused them to reconsider.

Well done Mark, for making your case. And thanks Apple, for reconsidering. DragonDrop is in the Mac App Store as of today, for five of your Earth bucks. Totally worth it.