This Picture Of Steve Jobs Gives Me The Creeps


Thou Shalt Have No Other Tech Gods Before You But Me

Alright, maybe to you this amazing “Digital Circlism” portrait is pretty freaking awesome, but it gives me the willies. There’s something weird about having Steve Jobs blast me with his death stare in a mosaic-esque picture. Like he’s God or something. Maybe he is. Regardless of whether it’s creepy or straight up bomb diggity, we think think this portrait of Steve Jobs is actually pretty rad.

Its creator, Ben Heine, has created a series of portraits like this one using a technique he calls Digital Circlism. It’s a synthesis of Pop Art and Pointillism that uses digital tools and flat circles to recreate celebrity portraits.

Ben has been making portraits for over 15 years now but this original technique wasn’t developed until around 2010 when he started playing with digital tools. Ben takes inspiration from several photographs then fuses them together to create a brand new photomontage or a rough digital painting and he finally begins the long process of placing circles on a black background using image editing software and using his digital sketches as references (it requires between 100 and 180 hours of work for one portrait). You can check out more of his cool portraits on his website.

So what do you think of the Digital Circlism Steve Jobs portrait? Neat-o-riffic? Or Creepy? Let us know in the comments.