Interview: Steve Wozniak Waiting In Line For The New iPad [Video]


Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 7.46.17 AM
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak waits in line for the new iPad.

Just because he co-founded frickin’ Apple doesn’t mean that Steve Wozniak is some sort of wooly, barrel-chested, twinkle-toes GOD. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like us. Sure, he does it while balancing precariously on a Segway, but still. He’s definitely a man, and not, in fact, an immortal.

As if to prove it, every time a new iPhone or iPad is released, Woz goes on down and waits in line to pick up the latest Apple product just like the rest of us plebs, and this year is no different, except for one thing: instead of being first in line, Woz is second.

“My wife was the first, I was the second. We came at about noon. We’re used to Northern California where the stores lines start early,” he told What’s Trending. “It’s become a ritual almost because I’ve done it so many times.”

But it’s not something you need to do this year. Apple’s got the supply problems of the iPad 2 launch licked. And Woz certainly doesn’t need to. So why does he do it?

“Nobody need to wait in line. You can pre-order… But I’d rather be there genuine like the real people. I want to be one of the people lined up and wait all night. Apple’s just that important to so many of us.”

  • tornacious

    Dude has class, even a man of his stature remembers “lady’s first”

  • DylanYounkin

    Woz will always rock

  • trife ro

    Amazing guy.

  • Alex Chan

    one of the nicest and classiest human beings ever

  • Artoo

    Most of my passwords include “WozisdaMan”
    ‘Coz he is.

  • vazana1979

    u really smart Excaliber!! 

  • CharliK

    Yeah it’s real amazing that he basically does nothing but get attention for being a co-founder of Apple. 

    It’s even more amazing that he has so little respect for the company and doesn’t keep his  mouth shut about what he thinks Apple is up to. 

  • HelbertPina

    Jobs was Ying, Woz is Yang. Jobs was awesome in many ways, Woz is awesome in many others. Being founded by them, there’s no way Apple wouldn’t be the giant it is today.