The Most Brutally Honest New iPad Review You’ll Ever See [Video]



Last night the web was assaulted with a slew of new iPad reviews. Sure, some of the reviewers remarked on a few silly things that they didn’t like, but the early reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Did Apple’s handpicked early reviewers really really like the new iPad? Or were they holding back criticism because they wanted to stay in Apple’s good graces? Maybe it was both. One thing’s for certain, this latest video review from Funny or Die is hilariously honest in its assessment of Apple’s newest tablet

[via Gizmodo]

  • Shaun Green

    Very funny.

    Not sure all the “pretentious assholes” who will buy the iPad 3 will appreciate the humour though.

  • Gheedsgreed

    I plan on watching this on my iPad 3. 

  • Sirius14

    That reminds me, my pretentious ass needs to go get in line at Walmart now!

  • Junaidkureshi


  • Clark Wallace

    I am 12 and what is this?

  • buggietechnica

    Gots more flesh colored pixels to jerk to. 

  • Kenton Presbrey

    I really don’t understand why people are characterized by the technology they use. As if because I use an iPad, my personality is different. Maybe the iPad is just cool and thats all there is to it. So I should go out and buy different tablet that doesn’t suit my needs because otherwise I am labeled a “Pretentious Asshole.” I realize this is all in good fun and I’m not really talking about this video in particular but a lot of people will think of you different if you use a certain technology and that is just sad, for them. I personally could care less what someone thinks of me for using Apples products. If you define yourself by what technology you use then you are pathetic. “Hi, my name is So-And-So and I use Android.” As for this video, its been done before, this isn’t some ground breaking new material.

  • Len Williams

    Humor (or humour if you’re English, Canadian or Australian) comes in many types and flavors. This particular attempt at being funny is predicated on being as crass, vulgar and insulting as possible so as to flaunt normal social behavior to create an uncomfortable “ain’t we rebel social iconoclasts” type of funny. If kicking the wiz out of someone or something is your idea of funny, good for you. Go play down the block with other people who have little creativity and no spirit of fun or joy at being alive. Critical and vulgar humor is forever the lowest rung of the funny ladder because it takes little thought or creativity to push someone downstairs or make less of them. This is the nature of the schoolyard bully who finds it hilarious to ruthlessly tease, chastise, belittle or physically torment other kids. The only kids who find his antics funny are other bullies. They do not create joy, friendliness or harmony. They only take it away.

    It takes real thought and creativity to make people laugh without resorting to the bully attitude of pointing out how stupid other people are. It’s a humor where no one wins and no one feels better after hearing or seeing it. It is humor of no socially redeeming values.

  • CharliK

    Good luck with that. Last check, Funny or Die uses Flash for their videos

  • Yanzhao Yang

    This guy is just jealous that he didn’t make money like Steve Jobs. And FYI, the iPad is definately one of the Tablets out there, or else it would not have what…like…70% market share.

  • Alex

    I really don’t understand why people are characterized by the technology they use.”

    Because many people are really insecure, and they get some feeling of security by following the herd by doing/liking/buying/voting  like everyone around them…

  • Alex

    You don’t get laid much do you ?

  • penguinstorm

    Is this actually funny? Is it actually reasonable to call people “pretentious assholes” because they buy an iPad?

    If I were 14 I’d probably laugh pretty hard at this. At the moment, I don’t find it funny or particularly well produced.

  • Gheedsgreed

    Skyfire browser

  • Designkai

    You guys need to lighten up. I’m sitting beside my third gen iPad that arrived today and I still consider this pretty funny, despite just being called a pretentious asshole.

    If you care what a video thinks of you, you’re an idiot.

  • fortninety

    Well, I’m 34 and I laughed pretty hard, so there you go.

  • Luis Dominguez

    Watched this on my iPhone no prob and funny or die has an IOS app with this video in it.

  • Dionte

    I didn’t find it funny at all. Sounded like his panties were in a bunch.

  • Alex

    Is this actually funny? Is it actually reasonable to call people “pretentious assholes” because they buy an iPad?”

    In some cases yes … I remember years ago when the iPod first came out, a guy wrote  how great the white headphones where because other people he could see that he had an iPod. Those kind of people still exist . 

  • aramishero

    I dont think this is funny.

  • aramishero

    I dont think this is funny at all. He think what he said is cool. I think he just anoter piece of garbage like those pathetic losers.

  • Tomek Brek


  • Mac365

    That video is amaziballz, and if your ego is so fragile that you can’t handle someone poking fun at what is, in reality, a very minor hardware upgrade to an expensive appliance; then you should consider reevaluating your life to include some confidence building.

  • Timothy Schulz

    Lame… not funny. Just lame.

  • Christian Chillarn Magnusson

    so yeah,bin thinking of this thing guys. where is the all, “oh my samsung andriod its got like super amoled screen and 2 core and its ruff to and cost lesser as well and so mutch better than yours blah blah blah blahhhh.” suck on it bitches.

  • Artoo

    Yeah, I agree with many of the posts… I don’t find it insulting, just boring and unoriginal.

    It needs a few shots of tequila and a warm-up act.

  • Stumbleberry

    Yep….pretty accurate review

  • Cory James

    That was…like a bad comedy skit. 2:14 of my life I can never get back.

  • Cgs101

    lol perfect!! but still getting it!

  • CharliK


    No it just was a bad comedy skit. 

  • CharliK

    it has nothing to do with ego. We are all hip for a funny parody etc. But this was not funny. 

  • CharliK

    And the Simpsons did an actually funny joke off that with their myPhonies fake headphones. 

  • Alex

    myPhonies  LOL …  And Steve Mobs and his undersea glass cube.. 

    I wonder if they got that idea from the iLounge article I was referring to ? Does anyone still read iLounge ?

  • Cory James

    lol, true.