Want To Cut The iPad Lines? Bid For A Spot On eBay



While some people say that waiting in line for hours just to buy a new tablet is stupid, other humans have this weird determination to be the first to everything. Every year we see people selling their spots at the front of launch lines, but it looks like selling your position in queue has become a bit more sophisticated. Apple fans are now selling their spots in line on EBay in an effort to maximize visibility and hopefully the selling price.

We just found a listing on EBay that is auctioning a person’s position in queue for the new iPad at the Regent Street Apple Store in London. The current bid is set at £76.00 with 13 bidders for the 4th position. There are quite a few hours left so that price will probably increase rapidly in the next few hours.

London’s not the only place selling their spots. You can purchase a spot in NYC from Craigslist too.

Here’s another guy selling multiple spots in the San Francisco Bay area for $300.

What do you think? Is this completely ridiculous, or would you pay for a spot to be first and avoid the wait?


Thanks Stephanie
  • MacintudeConnor

    Haha, the auction doesn’t end until Saturday.

  • SteveLV702

    i’ll laugh when winning bidder never pays :)

  • vanmacguy

    Although I wouldn’t do this myself (my new iPad is ‘In Transit’ according to UPS), I can’t help but marvel at the creative ways people come up with to make some money.

    Good for this entrepreneur. I hope he/she does well.

  • skps

    or these morons could have just pre-ordered and had it sent straight to their door and continued on with their lives like normal people with two halves of their brains intact. i mean, it took at least two to three days before they sold out and shipping days were pushed back. 

  • Len Williams

    Actually, part of waiting in line outside an Apple Store is the personal interaction involved. It’s a party with like-minded people.

  • zendiesel

    The problem I have with standing in line, is that you run the risk of not getting the iPad that you want.  At least with pre-order, I was able to get the one I wanted, “64gb Black, 4g”.  I will be refreshing the FedEx page tomorrow until my lil bundle of joy arrives.

  • davester13

    Or, if you are in Canada, you can just go to BestBuy or Futureshop.  For the original iPad, there were lineups at both Apple stores in the city, and BestBuy was clearly expecting some kind of lineup [had an area cordoned off, somebody to hand out tickets to indicate which iPad you wanted and to maintain the order of the line], but there was NO lineup.  At 10 am, just walked in and bought the model I wanted.

  • skps

    that what starbucks is for

  • Brandon Dillon

     This is exactly right. I live in Nashville, TN, and people around here just don’t really seem to care too much about technology. There’s a lot of iPhone users, but aside from that, it’s hard to find people who have a fascination with technology; specifically Apple.