Early Benchmark Tests For New iPad Confirm 1GB Of RAM, Same 1GHz Processor Speed


Apple's new iPad has double the RAM of its predecessor.

Early benchmark tests conducted on Apple’s new iPad have confirmed that the third-generation tablet is the first iOS device to get 1GB of RAM, double the amount packed into its predecessor. Its new A5X processor, however, clocks in at the same speed as the A5 chip.

iOS hacker Sonny Dickson posted a message to Twitter that read, “Awesome! The new iPad has 1GB of Ram!” His message was accompanied by a screenshot taken from the Geekbench 2 app, which backs up his claims.

The new iPad achieved a Geekbench score of 756, according to Dickson’s screenshot, which is slightly higher than its predecessor which scores 751. In comparison, the original iPad scores just 618. Despite the slight improvement, the new iPad’s A5X processor clocks in at the same speed as the iPad 2’s A5 chip.

That’s hardly surprising, however, given that Apple only improved its graphical capabilities to power that Retina display.

  • Park Isaac

    the ASUS’ Transformer Prime gets higher score in Geekbanch Score.

    I don’t understand why would Apple do that? 

    Where is our quad core A6 processor?? 

  • TweoBeo

    Here you can find a nice comparison with the older iOS devices. Not very impressive! 


  • calvin chen

    lol my old desktop got 716 on geekbench

  • steffenjobbs

    The tech geeks will be crying that Apple is cheating consumers by using a marginally upgraded processor and the iPad’s clock speed is lower than most Android tablets’ clock speed.

  • imajoebob

    I wonder, is the processor speed is actually tested or just read from the CPU?.  Maybe Apple figured out an overclocked CPU has better performance characteristics (e.g. battery life) than one designed with a faster base.

    Just flexing my ignorance.

  • ifireghost

    Tinhte.vn is the true source, not some Tweet.

  • Hidko

    Just benched my iPad 2 with iOS 5.1 running with a score of 762. So my iPad is actually faster than the new iPad! Very strange, indeed..