How Long Will It Take Apple To Make Enough iPads To Match Demand? [Chart]


Don't expect 24 hour shipping times on the new iPad any time soon.

Now that new iPad delivery times through Apple’s online store have reached two-three weeks, you might be wondering how long you can expect them to stay there. How long will it take for Apple to catch up with new iPad demand and ship iPads to customers within a day of being received?

The boys over at crunched the numbers and came up with this fantastic graph, which shows historically how long it has taken for Apple to get back to the point of shipping a new iPad within a day of it being ordered after their initial launch day supply has dried up.

The short answer? It has taken Apple between five and six months after the initial launch to get an iPad down to next-day shipping. And you can count on it taking at least ten days to ship for the next four months or so after ordering one, at least according to historical guidance.

In other words, if you haven’t ordered a new iPad yet, either suck up the two week wait, or prepare to start camping out in front of the Apple Store. That’s still going to be the quickest way to get one.

  • steffenjobbs

    I guess the analysts will have something negative to say about how poorly Apple plans for major announcements.  After all this time, Apple hasn’t yet learned to stockpile enough of a product as it runs out too fast.  I’d figure a few million units should be enough for any company to stockpile in advance, but that probably isn’t sufficient enough for Apple product demand.  Hopefully, AppleTV demand should be up along with iPad sales.  I sure wish Apple would tweak the software features on AppleTV a bit more.

  • iPadJailbroken

    Looks like the iPad HD will have a higher starting point!