New Yorker Sues Apple Because Siri Sucks In Real Life [Lawsuit]


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You have to hand it to the people that file lawsuits these days; they sure can be creative. A New Yorker by the name of Frank M. Fazio has sued Apple because Siri on his iPhone 4S is, “at best, a work-in-progress.” Fazio has accused Apple of false advertising in the Siri TV commercials it airs demonstrating making calls, finding directions, sending texts, etc. with the digital assistant.

The commercials convey a “misleading and deceptive message,” according to Fazio. He thinks Siri sucks in real life.

Fazio’s Class Action Complaint asks for unspecified damages. The report says that “the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature does not perform as advertised, rendering the iPhone 4S merely a more expensive iPhone 4.”

While Fazio has some points, his complaint is filled with a lot of misinformation. The reports he references saying Siri uses too much data over 3G have been proven to be bogus, and he undermines the fact that Apple calls Siri a “beta” product. We expect this lawsuit to get shot down pretty quickly. Nonetheless, it’s still amusing.

You can view the full complaint here.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

  • jayjaytee

    There is a technical term for this. It’s called “a frivolous lawsuit.” He’ll get as much court time as it takes for the judge to tell him to go pound sand (but very politely and in legalese, of course).

  • MacintudeConnor

    LOL @ “at best, a work-in-progress.” It’s a beta product! It is a work in progress, and advertised as such.

  • Albert Root

    get seri us.

  • CruxFiveTen

    I hope someone sues his a$$. Sh*t like this is costing all of us money and should not be tolerated. Off with his *head*. Figuratively speaking of course. 

  • gnomehole

    I hope this moron gets slapped with major fines for wasting everyone’s time.    This country is really going down the toilet when idiots like this are allowed to do this AND make the news for doing so.

  • msnight04

    If he was not satisfied with Siri from the moment he bought the phone, why not just return it. Since he doesn’t like Siri and states the feature makes the “4S merely a more expensive iPhone 4,” why not save some money and just get the iPhone 4?

  • Artoo

    So this guy thinks he’s entitled to some sort of “pain and suffering” compensation?, or anything more than the right to return the product?
    I would like to show him real “pain and suffering”.

  • Shane Bryson

    siri* Need a spell checker?

  • JP Jay

    I agree with him that Siri does suck. Though the suing is going a bit overboard….I got the 4S the first day it came out and used Siri for about a week. Until they make improvements I’m content with typing everything in 

  • rsbell

    I hope Dr. Fazio’s ratings don’t suffer…

  • rsbell
  • Greg Smith

    Just want to point out that this isn’t a frivolous lawsuit.  Frivolous lawsuits are defined under Rule 11(b) of the Rules of Civil Procedure.  Is the suit likely to prevail? No?  Does it have merit and was it filed in good faith? Yes.  Take a look at Rule 56 though, for summary judgement.  

    I’m sure no one really cares about the difference though…

  • Obsidian71

    Some New Yawkers are just hard to understand.  Can’t blame SIRI lol

  • Crawler1975

    this guy just wants quick cash and 15 mins of fame … 

  • MacHead84

    Honestly, Siri does not work as advertised in the Apple commercials. Everything else iPhone is pretty spot on in commercial vs reality. But Siri def. not the case. But this is exactly why Apple used the Beta claim. Its essentially a legal safety net because they know they are advertising an experience it cant deliver currently. Not saying Siri sucks at all but the commercials certainly exaggerate the reality of user experience.  

  • sir1jaguar

    All ifucking istupid…
    Is APPLE telling people in commercials that SIRI is only in beta, so dont believe on it and its just marketing gimmick??? NOPE…

    Im not saying im siding with that person BUT hes right about SIRI that dont advertise it as the main reason for people to buy it…

    One example, i was in the apple store and not only 1 but maybe 3-4 when i was theres bought an iphone because they said that they like the idea of SIRI when they watched it in the commercial, so SIRI sold the iphone then 1 guy return his iphone because SIRI is not up to the hype…

    Im apple fanatic BUT they should STOP making people stupid in their commercials…

    If APPLE will say that the iphone will make an spaceship, people will believe then if those imoron will bitch out, APPLE will say its in beta…

    GROW UP, izombiess..

  • coolimoy

    Hey plaintiff: Get a job, and perhaps a girlfriend! Do something with your life! …you bum.

  • sir1jaguar

    Maybe your the BUM…

    Please grow up…

    Dont defend APPLE like they giving you $1000/day…

    Im bitching too if any products i bought was not doing what they advertised…

    It doesnt matter if its apple, hp, sony, samsung, asus or any one…

  • Anarekey2000

    Class action suits typically have little to do with the damages sustained by any one individual, but are usually a grab for legal fees. A typical settlement of this sort will result in $5 off coupons for the plaintiffs and millions in legal fees for the firm filing the suit. 

  • stan gurule

    Apple just sucks in general.