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New Yorker Sues Apple Because Siri Sucks In Real Life [Lawsuit]


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You have to hand it to the people that file lawsuits these days; they sure can be creative. A New Yorker by the name of Frank M. Fazio has sued Apple because Siri on his iPhone 4S is, “at best, a work-in-progress.” Fazio has accused Apple of false advertising in the Siri TV commercials it airs demonstrating making calls, finding directions, sending texts, etc. with the digital assistant.

The commercials convey a “misleading and deceptive message,” according to Fazio. He thinks Siri sucks in real life.

Fazio’s Class Action Complaint asks for unspecified damages. The report says that “the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature does not perform as advertised, rendering the iPhone 4S merely a more expensive iPhone 4.”

While Fazio has some points, his complaint is filled with a lot of misinformation. The reports he references saying Siri uses too much data over 3G have been proven to be bogus, and he undermines the fact that Apple calls Siri a “beta” product. We expect this lawsuit to get shot down pretty quickly. Nonetheless, it’s still amusing.

You can view the full complaint here.

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