Best Buy Database Leaks Sprint Data Plans For New iPad



Apple’s new iPad is the first of its iOS devices to offer super speedy 4G LTE connectivity, but it’s currently only available on AT&T and Verizon in the United States. According to Best Buy’s internal database, however, it could soon be available on Sprint, too.

The screenshot above, taken from Best Buy’s database and passed on to Engadget, seems to reveal that Sprint will soon become the third carrier to offer Apple’s latest iPad in the U.S. While these aren’t different iPad models listed here, they are Sprint plans for the third-generation device:

After hearing from several Best Buy employees, we’ve gotten a clearer explanation of what’s being displayed these database shots. As we’re told, each listing is evidently referring to different Sprint plans for the iPad, rather than specific models of the tablet. That said, this info still does seem to corroborate nicely with the notion that Sprint’s likely landing Apple’s slate at some point in the future.

It certainly makes sense, given that Apple and Sprint have already entered into a partnership for the iPhone 4S, and Sprint is currently building an LTE network that will be compatible with the new device. However, the service is yet to launch, so it’s unlikely the iPad will appear on Sprint until then — which is why Apple hasn’t mentioned it.