New iPad Pre-Orders Have Already Begun Shipping From China



The new iPad arrives in the U.S. and ten other countries exactly one week today on March 16, and the first shipments have already started leaving the Foxconn factories in Chengdu, China. It’s unlikely, however, that they’ll arrive early.

9to5Mac’s Seth Weintraub received his shipping notification via email this morning, and his new iPad has already left the Foxconn factory. It’s now waiting to be collected by UPS, but its scheduled delivery date continues to read March 16.

That gives UPS a whole week to deliver the first batch of iPad shipments, but you can be certain they won’t be arriving early. While Apple products have arrived one or two days before their release date in the past, it’s a very rare occurrence. The Cupertino company works with its factories and with its logistics partners to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Still, it’s exciting to see the new iPad is beginning its journey. Has yours begun shipping yet?

  • Guest

    On the way to Louisville, KY from Shenzhen, CN :)

  • joewaylo

    There’s always a chance of arriving a day early. As long as the protestors don’t visit the receiving dock to prevent deliveries.

  • criticmac

    I hope I get mine delivered early by accident, but how likely is that? Quick someone calculate the chances compared to this and getting hit by lightning or wining a lottery!!!

  • Will Richards

    I got my conformation this am as well. I hope the Delivery method is put into HyperDrive.

  • Griffincomputers

    No confirmation yet :(

  • gberneck

    Strange but when I go into my Apple account, it shows I have no orders.  However, when I click the link in my confirmation email, there it is.  I hope I don’t get lost in the mayhem! 

  • Patrick Ducharme

    What time exactly did you order, me it was at 3:55pm on March 7th.  iPad 32GB Wifi Black. What is yours ?

  • Ultimo119

    No confirmation here yet. Still says processing. 16GB Black Verizon LTE model.

  • Zeteboy

    If they are just leaving Foxconn now, what was in all those planes that Apple commandeered last week at premium prices?

  • Bob Roebling

    I had mine ship on the 8th… I placed my order in the first 30 minutes after pre-orders were available, the arrival date is still the 16th though.

  • CharliK

    It depends on where you live and even then it’s a total fluke type of deal. I would set yourself up to expect it on Friday and stop thinking you might get it early (don’t get your hopes up)

  • CharliK

    Nothing. It was a rumor after all. 

  • Ed_Kel

    It could still be iPad shipments. Retail stores are selling them March 16th too.

  • Scott Rodenbeck

    Got my confirmation today. 32GB white/wifi !

  • John Harman

    I just got a shipping notice…16GB WiFi- Black.

    Oddly, mine is coming from Pennsylvania via FedEx rather than China.

  • perkins109

     Mine is coming via FedEx from PA as well. If there was only someway to get FedEx to remove that future delivery requested date.

  • Pete Savva

    Mine showed as picked up in Nashville today with arrival the 12th…

  • John M Messick

    I also ordered 30 min from when Apple store back on line. Got UPS tracking number and notification this morning shipping from China and arriving by end of day 3/16. Earlier would be nice! :-)  64g Black Verizon 4G.

  • loopster82

    Same here..picked up in Nashville

  • fazekas

    Got my confirmation this morning. It’s been picked up from Ontario, California which is only about 100 miles from me. Says future delivery requested. So it’s already here in California, but I won’t get it until the 16th.