Apple’s iPad Keynote As Seen Through The Eyes Of Twitter



Do you know what was the most tweeted about thing yesterday? No, it wasn’t Peyton Manning. It was the iPad 3, the new iPad. Twitter just released the chart shown above to show just how bonkers the Twittersphere went during the iPad keynote.

Sure, it wasn’t on par with the death of Michael Jackson, but it was a pretty big deal. There are a couple of peaks that stand out:

First – the highest point was when people went crazy because the new iPad will only be $499. People can’t wait to spend their money.

Second – After the price was announced, tweets slowly started to die down. Then once the keynote was closing everyone had to throw in their witty insightful remarks about the event just so friends knew they’re paying attention.

Third – The rate at which the word “iPad” was included in tweets hovered around 2,000 times per minute through the rest of the day. Remember back 10 years ago when it wasn’t dorky to care about technology? I think the iPad has completely changed that. It’s now cool to know all about the latest tech products, which is a pretty powerful weapon Apple can use to their advantage.