$30 Snow Leopard Disc Can Upgrade Tiger



With Uncle Walt’s confirmation, the cat’s officially out of the bag: That $30 Snow Leopard disc Apple’s making available starting Friday? It works with more than just full Leopard installs — it can upgrade any Intel Mac, including those running Tiger. In other words, unless you want to pick up iLife and iWork in the process, the only reason to buy the $169 Mac Box is if you want to live by the spirit of Apple’s marketing.

What do you think, Tiger users? Will you abide by formal ethics or just buy the cheapest upgrade path ever? And will your Leopard-buying friends hate you for it?

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132 responses to “$30 Snow Leopard Disc Can Upgrade Tiger”

  1. MacLover says:

     I’m getting this disk on Friday, and I am upgrading from Tiger. I’ll let you know how it went

  2. I<3Apple says:

    did it work well? i have an older mac mini and i have been waiting to upgrade for a while. I just wanna get it running snow leopard without buying the box set for $130.00…

  3. Anticipate says:

    this makes me happy. I just purchased snow leopard and i’m upgrading from tiger. i hope it works

  4. Passionwater says:

    It works! i upgraded mine from tiger to snow leopard with the $30 upgrade software.

  5. bcleve23 says:

    What noticeable changes (if any) did you notice after your upgrade? Was the actual install of Snow L over Tiger smooth? I have a late 06 macbook running tiger and am considering buying the $30 upgrade. Thanks ahead for any info.

  6. waligoral says:

    Does the processor matter when trying to use the $30 Snow Leopard upgrade?  I have Tiger and a 1.9 GHz PowerPC G5 processor and the Apple Chat guy said I could not upgrade straight to Snow Leopard.  Any thoughts?

  7. zman531 says:

    I’m upgrading my tiger G4 Mac OSX 10.4 powerbook to leopard.  Is there anything I can do to protect my apps.?  Obviously I have backed everything else up. Biggest concern is my pro-tools and reason programs

  8. Long says:

    have i been lied to? the guys at the apple store made it seem like i couldn’t upgrade from tiger – 10.4 to 10.6 snow leopard without 10.5, meaning i should just get the box set.

  9. Chuck Englehart says:

    Will this work on a mid-2007 c2d 2.16 with a bare hard drive?

  10. JoeyRay78 says:

    Yeah some dickface named Leif that works at an Apple store told me the same shit. I’m no computer guy by any means.  And am only upgrading because my girlfriend wanted to play Sims 3.  So then I just called 1-800-MY-APPLE and the nice salesperson Bridget told me to just order leopard for $30!!!

  11. Pui Kuen Leung says:

    Snow Leopard is only available for intel Mac

  12. Pui Kuen Leung says:

    Snow Leopard is only available for intel Mac

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