AppleCare+ For iPad Gives You Extended Coverage For Your Magical Tablet


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Following Apple’s announcement of a new iPad today, you can purchase AppleCare+ for your shiny new tablet. The extended warranty was first made available for the iPhone 4S last October. The $99 plan gets you two years of accidental coverage, but it will need to be purchased within 30 days of when you buy your new iPad.

The warranty is still labeled as “coming soon” on Apple’s website, but we suspect you’ll be able to add to your purchase when you pre-order.

Up to two accidental damages are covered, each with a $50 service fee. The tablet’s battery and included peripherals are also covered. You get more technical support from Apple Geniuses, including software support, with AppleCare+.

If you don’t purchase AppleCare+ with your new iPad online, you’ll need to buy it in an Apple retail store so an employee can verify the condition of your device before applying the warranty.

  • Greg Smith

    does anyone else think it’s ridiculous that you have to pay 50 bucks PER INCIDENT for help with an apple device?  I do.  I called the other day for help with something [my spotlight perpetually says it’s indexing] and I had a couple questions about iTunes match.  Sorry bud, you bought every single one of your 7 apple products more than a year ago.

  • David Jones

     Actually, the “per incident” fee is for straight-forward replacemet because you damaged your device and can’t use it. The other part of the AppleCare is all inclusive (genius bar, tech support, etc.). As for your situation, I’m sorry but there are many companies that only give you a year’s worth of warranty or so just like Apple does. If your question is about something like iTunes match, I’m sure any random forum or google search can help you out.

  • Corey L. Robertson

    By my calculations, independent companies like SquareTrade still offer a better deal: $99 for two years with accidental damage coverage. Sure, Apple will replace it twice, but at twice the price under the same coverage term. Replace your iPad with one of these companies and buy a new plan for another two years! note: I actually DIDN’T do this with my iPad 2, and sure enough cracked the screen. Fortunately I was handy enough to replace the digitizer myself…

  • Bob Forsberg

    Yes it was available at checkout when I ordered the new iPad last night.