Steal Of A Deal – Refurbished iPad 2s Now On Sale For $349



Apple dropped the price on the iPad 2 down to $400 for a brand new unit, but if you’re looking to save a little extra cash, buying a refurbished model is a great option. The Apple Store is back online, and right now Apple is selling refurbished iPad 2s for $349. Considering the iPad 2 is the second best tablet on the market (thanks to a recent demotion from the new iPad), shelling out $349 for a new iPad 2 is a sweet bargain.

Think about that. That’s just $150 more than a brand new Kindle Fire and you can do a whole lot more with it than Amazon’s puny tablet. If you know someone who is hankering for a tablet, this is what you buy.

For those detractors who are thinking, “Yeah, but I could just spend $50 more and get a brand new iPad 2, so what’s the point?” You’re right — you could spend 50 bucks for a new iPad 2 and avoid a “refurb” model. But the refurb models come with the exact same warranties as a new iPad 2, and look just as new.

  • Jordan Clay

    I purchased a refurb iPad 2.  It arrived in perfect condition and you couldn’t tell save for a different box.   That said,  I wouldn’t buy a refurb iPad 2… the NEW iPad (3) ALL THE WAY

  • FriarNurgle

    Can someone lend me $349? 

  • Trisjen Harris

    Drop it down to about $200 then that’s a deal. IF not then it’s nothing to talk or get excited about