Verizon Installing LTE Equipment In Apple Stores Ahead Of iPad 3 Launch



The rumor mill has been saying that Apple’s third-gen iPad will come equipped with LTE 4G networking. The feature is speculated to be U.S.-only on AT&T and Verizon, with international and other carrier details remaining scare.

We’ve gotten word that the nation’s largest wireless provider, Verizon, has been installing LTE equipment in U.S. Apple retail stores ahead of the iPad 3 launch.

Verizon has been installing LTE networking equipment in Apple Stores over the last couple days, according to our source. We don’t have any other details at the moment, but we have reason to believe this information is accurate.

The last whispers of LTE in Apple Stores occurred when Engadget reported that AT&T was installing equipment back in August of last year. Nothing has been heard about such activity for many months, so it’s only fitting for the news to occur on the eve of Apple’s next-gen iPad announcement.

Word on the street is that the third-gen iPad will be available pretty soon after tomorrow’s keynote, with most bets placed for Friday, March 16th.

Update: AppleInsider has chimed in saying “Verizon was sending “plain clothes contractors” to upgrade the network infrastructure at certain Apple Stores” last month.

  • applepro
  • John Howell

    Guess I’ll stick with the Wifi only one, again, as LTE not available here 8(

  • Tim Lanfair

    i just don’t get the push for LTE right now it makes absolutely no since… most of america does not have LTE, yet we are being pushed into LTE technology….I personally think its corporate america’s way of financing there LTE network, think about it, you have to pay for LTE service even though there is not any available in your area….so in essence these companies are making money of literally nothing!,,, i say wifi only model,, if you need connectivity just hot spot it.