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Another French iPhone Fries Owner As EU Investigation Heats Up


The security guard's popped iPhone

A week after EU regulators launched an investigation into safety issues of overheating iPods and iPhones, another French user found himself with an iPhone flambé in hand.

This time it happened to Yassine Bouhadi (above), a 26-year-old supermarket security guard in Villevieille, near Nîmes. He was texting his girlfriend (giving new meaning to the term “sexting?) when the device overheated and the screen shattered.

“The phone made a noise like ‘schplok’. A little bit of screen hit me in the eye and I had to remove it with a tweezer,” said Bouhadi.

The incident — similar to the teen in Aix-en-Provence whose iPhone screen shattered sending splinters into his eyes — made the front page of local paper Midi Libre.

Whether this is a copycat incident or evidence of an uptick in defective devices remains to be seen.

The EU commission is examining reports of problems with iPhones in France and an iPod in Britain.
Apple maintains these overheating issues are isolated incidents and not evidence of a general problem but is cooperating with EU investigations.

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