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Retrotastic Rangefinder Case Adds Shutter, Viewfinder To iPhone



If you’re serious about your iPhoneography (and you should be, with such a great camera always in your pocket), then you might want to take a look at the ridiculously over-achieving iPhone Rangefinder case, from our fine friends at Photojojo. The two-piece polycarbonate case slips over the phone and adds a shutter button, a viewfinder and even interchangeable lenses. It’s pretty neat.

It works like this. Once secured, the iPhone is subsumed into the retro-styled Rangefinder. Up top is an optical viewfinder, and you take the picture with a real button, which presses down on the iPhone’s own volume up switch.

The “lens” you see in the center is a faux lens made for looks, but it packs a mirror for easy, hi-res self portraits. The actual interchangeable lenses are bought separately, and stick over the iPhone’s own thanks to magnets and metal.

The feature set is rounded out by a tripod mount, strap eyelets and a cold-shoe accessory mount. Told you it was full-featured.

Aline, the case can be had for $65. For $99, you also get a set of three lenses: fisheye, telephoto and wide/macro, available now.

[Thanks, Kiran!]