Chinese Company Caught Selling iPhone-branded Stove!



A company calling itself “Apple China” was caught selling a gas stove branded as the “iphone” with a logo showing an apple with a bite taken out of it.

What will they not think of next?

Via Cloned In China.

Picture courtesy of Sina.

  • ddevito

    There are so many things funny and wrong here I don’t where to begin

  • joewaylo

    Keeping it Real Fake strikes again.

  • berianlowe

    I want one.

  • FriarNurgle

    Probably cooks as good as an real iPhone. 

  • Jamie Sculthorp

     You do know they are fake?

  • Jamie Sculthorp

    Why  call it a iPhone? Why not iBake? or iCook, or iOven, pretty orginal.

  • marcwitteveen

    I wonder if it was made for Tim COOK

  • Beto Jet-O

    can you download your meals instead of apps?

  • Lane Jasper

    lets hope!

  • Ramón

    Bus too full, iWok.

  • Aaron James Schuppan

    I like how the official is LITERALLY pointing out the obvious.

  • Wale Davis

    you know he was jk

  • Daryk Hall

    Looks real to me…unless I’m hallucinating… Wonder if that stove gets 4G? lol

  • Zaebon Bronto

    you know HE (Jamie) was jk?

  • Alex

    If it could do that they would make a fortune ….

  • Dale Jones


  • Jonathan Wong

    So, does it make calls and cook at the same time?  If so, I’m sold

  • Pomato_Vine

    Why does the URL say oven?

  • IA

    No touchscreen controls? How dare they tarnish the good name of Apple!

  • KittyDelAmour

    Still manages to make calls better than the iPhone…

  • ?????? ?????


  • StuFromOtown

    I really do want one of those!